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Fibrelining Swimming Pool

Fibreglass lining will gives a beautiful, durable, low maintenance finish to any pool. Relinings can be applied to existing marbelite, concrete or fibreglass pools.

Fibreglass relining can make your old pool look better than new. By applying a layer of fibreglass to your existing pool we can solve problems such as:

  • Excessive chemical usage in gunnite pools
  • Persistent algae problems
  • Cracked or crumbling plaster
  • Pool leaks
  • Rough pool walls
  • Cracked and damaged gunnite, marbellite and concrete pools
  • Loose and damaged mosaics
  • Faded or uneven gel coats

As well as saving you R100’s in chemicals  a fibreglass lining will remove the abrasive surfaces that cause sore feet and will reduce the wear on your pool cleaner.

Sometimes pools need a make over. Fibre lining can be used not just to fix problems but to give pools their own unique character. From bespoke shapes to a wide choice of colours to our top of the range mosaics fibreglass relining can help you get exactly the pool that want.

We have years of experience and have taken on hundred of jobs large and small across Cape Town. For a quality job at a keen price talk to Steve.